Innovative solutions
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Innovative solutions
forerunners of the use of different applicators in one product
Speed and flexibility
we adapt to the client's needs

What matters in life is love and touch-up paints.
It's obvious. Everyone knows everything about.
love. About touch-up paints - not necessarily.
And yet every scratch must be repaired.

It's what we do best.

Our products solve real problems. That's how they were created.
What will you do with a scratch? You have one and only, tiny.
Nobody sees it, but you know it's there. Your heart aches.

Will you buy a can of paint? Brushes? For one scratch?

We solved this problem. Small containers in the full range of RAL colours.
We solved the implementation problem. A brush integrated with the cap, a touch-up paint in a form of a marker pen, or a classic spray.

Fast, cheap, safe. It's what we do best.

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