Touch-up marker pen for steel roofing 15 ml

Product description

The product is intended for the retouching of minor scratches. The insert contains a special quick-drying acrylic paint used as a primer and final coating. It is characterized by a very simple application. It improves aesthetics and protects against corrosion.

Available colours:

Technical specifications

Capacity 15 ml
Capacity 15 ml
Capacity 15 мл
Application method pędzelek , rapidograf
Application method brush, rapidograph
Application method кисточка, рапидограф
Brush coverage width pędzelek – 5 mm, rapidograf - 1 mm
Brush coverage width 5 mm, rapidograph - 1 mm
Brush coverage width кисточка - 5 мм, рапидограф - 1 мм
Application temperature 10-20 °C
Application temperature 10-20 °C
Application temperature 10-20 °C
Drying time 10 - 30 min, zależy od warunków
Drying time 10-30 minutes depending on conditions
Drying time 10-30 минут в зависимости от условий
Fully hardened 24 godz.
Fully hardened 24 hours
Fully hardened 24 ч.
A package includes 12 szt.
A package includes 12 items
A package includes 12 шт.
Colours pełna paleta RAL
Colours full RAL palette
Colours полная палитра RAL
Coverage -
Coverage -
Coverage -


  • Stir the paint by shaking the marker pen for about 1 min.
  • To use the brush, unscrew the marker cap while holding the pen vertically
  • To use the stylus (rapitograph), remove the cap and pinch the marker on the sides